Exploring the Role Separation of Chairman and CEO in the UK

Exploring dual leadership in corporate governance, this article delves into the essential separation of Chairman and CEO roles. Rooted in history and organizational theories, it highlights the delicate balance needed for effective oversight, aligning managerial and ownership interests while acknowledging associated costs

Balancing Corporate Governance: Exploring the Divergence of Agency and Stakeholder Theory

Both theories advocate for the limitation of shareholder power. Agency theory highlights the importance of general meetings and solutions to the agency problem, while stakeholder theory emphasizes checks and balances. Ultimately, these theories provide valuable insights into achieving a delicate balance between individual rights and the common good in contemporary corporate governance.

EU couldn’t tame the …snail

Let’s suppose the UK’s decision to exit the European Union somehow reflected the belief that the parliamentary sovereignty was curtailed by the supremacy of EU law. Then why there isn’t a complaint about the curtailed by the Common Law?

When the GDPR goes wrong…

This article discusses the unseen danger when the EU data-commissioners start capriciously implying the vague text of GDPR.

Χίλια Corallia και ένας Tayyip

Η Κυβέρνηση ως Επιχειρηματίας διαθέτει ένα πλεονεκτήματα, το οποίο εκ των πραγμάτων κανένας ιδιώτης επιχειρηματίας δεν διαθέτει.

Κριτική θεώρηση των ανοιχτών νηολογίων

Ο τρόπος που η πολιτική βούληση διαστρωματώνεται και επηρεάζει την ναυτιλιακή επιχειρηματικότητα αλλά και τις διεθνείς νομοθετικές πρωτοβουλίες.