My Journey: Transitioning from Digital Marketing to Law, and why I started my own Law Office


In this blog post, I want to share my personal journey and mainly the reasons behind my decision to open my own law office, despite having only four years of experience as a lawyer. I understand that some readers may question my capability and wonder how I can be so confident in my abilities. I hope to address those concerns and shed light on the unique blend of experiences that have shaped my career path. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions and embrace the value of diverse experiences in shaping their professional paths. 

Before getting on my legal career, I would like to share my transitioning from the digital marketing industry to the legal field. In the very beginning, simultaneously with my desire to study Business Administration, I co-founded a boutique digital marketing company called Fresset Ltd. This experience was a source of inspiration for my grounding in business administration and my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and startups. As the executive director of the said company, my duties encompassed not only accounting and administrative tasks, but also extended to web development and Chief Editing and following the acquisition of my company by the TENP SA Group, I became the operations manager of various business workshops, collaborating with both governmental and private entities. The aforementioned experience provided me with the opportunity to delve into the possibilities of the Open Web and sharpened my IT skills, or for a deep understanding and challenges came across by an entrepreneur of a startup. By choosing to become my client, individuals can benefit from a wide range of experiences that have shaped my perspective on the legal profession. 

As a memory that I will not soon forget,  I chose my decision, right after I sold my shares of the abovementioned company and planned my law studies, temporarily to work for a cost accounting company. There, I developed a dashboard that monitored the salaries of a Special Purpose Entity. Although the concept of the core code was easy, the SPE directors were unwilling to invest in CRM software. I managed to prepare a fully automated payroll flow report system from scratch with the less possibly input by the user. Furthermore, and as aan nother memory of that kind, I distinguish when I outsource to an Indian company the web development of a minor project. To comply with complex tax regulations, company’s accountant and I, to ensure that fund’s account corresponded to the correct reality, we record the relevant payments as a cash flow transaction, but not as a statement in the balance sheet. Taking account that a ministerial decision stated that India’s service costs were considered non-deducted expenses, we foresee that the Greek Tax Authority will consider facts as I had never traveled to India will decide to deduct such expense and order to be paid the necessary VAT and income tax, and/or a fine would be issued for hiding transaction from the balance sheet. Whereas our foresees confirmed, the project eventually cost 30% less than it would have been choosing the European Market. If a 24-year-old entrepreneur can readily enjoy the globalized economy, then the only thing that a national authority can do is have a traditional sense of prevention. This experience taught me the importance of the accounting role in a company as it is always sensitive to understand comply with international regulation, while also highlighting the necessity for innovation in business management becomes increasingly vital due and given the impact of globalization. For sure, the entrepreneurship experience secured a success journey during the European University Cyprus Law School, with direct engagement in research projects resulting publications, including “Open Texture of International Tax Law” and “Contemporary Issues of Possible Market Distortion by App Stores” These endeavors deepened my understanding of complex legal matters.

Throughout my legal journey, I have handled various cases that have expanded my expertise. From supporting a punitived-dismissal case before a Western Europe Administrative Court to assisting clients in navigating trademark applications and employee benefit transfers, I have gained practical insights into the intricacies of the law. These experiences have solidified my understanding of the interaction between Cyprus and EU Law and provided me with a nuanced perspective on legal matters. To complement my theoretical knowledge, I actively sought opportunities to gain practical experience in the legal field. I worked in various law firms as a lawyer and trainee, where I was exposed to real-life cases, client interactions, and the day-to-day operations of a law office. These experiences allowed me to apply my legal knowledge and refine my skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.

After these several years of working in law firms, I realized my true calling was to establish my own law office. This decision was driven by a desire for more autonomy, the ability to shape my own practice, and the opportunity to provide personalized services to clients based on my diverse background.

What I realized is that a few colleagues are extremely slow to adopt basic management techniques and new technologies. Assigned a serial number to clients’ folders or utilizing digital services which already been paid (i.e. Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace) is not always a given. On many occasions, I met firms that, instead of functioning as a single entity, chose to work as a hub of professionals who have to handle the clients and general the challenges and the workload independently, with the only common aspect being shared office spaces; in way that emphasizes the total lack of integrated workflow and collaboration. The failure to implement a proper system for tracking tasks, deadlines, and clients’ needs, as well as utilizing modern tools, make my employee routine unpleasure and inefficient. In Cyprus, it is an empirical truth that for successful law firms, every subteam of 3-4 lawyers must share 2-3 paralegal stuff; which, however, significantly increases the operational expenses.

I understand that some readers may have concerns about my relatively short experience as a lawyer. However, I believe that the value of a litigator extends beyond the number of years they have practiced. My unique blend of experiences in digital marketing, business administration, and law equips me with a well-rounded skill set that allows me to approach legal challenges from different angles. My dedication to ongoing learning and professional development ensures that I stay abreast of the latest legal developments and continue to refine my expertise.

Opening my own law practice is not just a career move for me; it is a manifestation of my passion for providing innovative and strategic legal solutions. I am driven by the belief that every client deserves personalized attention and tailored strategies to help them achieve their goals. By combining my diverse background and steadfast dedication to client success, I am confident that I can provide meaningful difference experience to your legal matters.

If you are looking for a lawyer who brings fresh perspectives, embraces modern technologies, and is dedicated to your success, I invite you to join me on this journey. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the legal world and pave the way for a more robust and more secure future for your business. Contact me today to discover how my unique approach can benefit you.

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