How to get a win-win out of an argument

When coming into a conflict and the emotions make us unable to understand the information. How to avoid the body takes over the mind

Despoina Nicola, Professional Trainer, the writer of the ‘Enough is Enough: A Helpful Guide to Managing Addictions‘, founder of two Cypriot companies, as well with a tidy tenure at Toastmasters Cyprus.

Among her inspired sessions of the series ‘Dare to Begin‘, a coaching series that is supported by a huge community, goes about the situation of coming into a conflict, and the emotions make us unable to understand the information. She permeates the law field too.

The first suggestion is to gather all facts, including the research and study other cases. In that phase is crucial to stay patient without worry how much time that takes.

After that and instead of going off an argument and fighting, we have to use empathy and bring down the wall between the two sides. To secure that goal, it is necessary to throw the feelings; otherwise, the body takes over the mind.

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